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Good Scalp Oil 100% Natural and Organic Hair Oil and Hot Oil Treatment with Peppermint oil for Good Scalp Health, Hair Growth and Reduce Hair loss . 100 ml


Blended with several different oils to give the best results because no one oil can solves all our hair and scalp issues. All the selected ingredients has different benefits for the hair, making your haircare routine effective and simple. 


Blended with neem and peppermint oil which has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Scalp care oil will help maintain a healthy scalp and soothe dry scalp whilst adding moisture and shine. Penetrates the hair follicle to encourage healthy hair growth.


Help with dry and itchy scalp


Lightweight to prevent  buildup


Promotes healthy hair growth 


Moisturises and hydrates 




This oil is light weight so hair is weight down and greasy. Use as a Hot Oil Treatment for more benefits

Good Scalp Oil

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